Why Fruity Wipes & Fruity Spray?

In today’s health conscious world, people are adding more fruits and vegetables to their diet. But when you’re on the run, how do you effectively clean these snacks to eliminate the pesticides, fungicides, bacteria, waxes and other agricultural chemicals, which are designed to be water-resistant? Fruity Wipes are the answer. Fruity Wipes are made with all natural ingredients of purified water, vegetable derivatives, basic minerals and natural citric acid. This make a Fruity Wipe biodegradable. Fruity Wipes removes contaminates found on all fruit. Simply wipe and eat --no rinsing required. “Most people don’t realize the potential danger associated with eating a piece of fruit before it’s been properly cleaned,” explains Robert Dome, a food industry expert with more than 20 years in the business. “This is the perfect solution for school lunches, travel, in the office, or anywhere that fruit is available,” he adds.
Sold in boxes of 30 and 144 single service packets similar to a handi-wipe®, Fruity Wipes can easily be slipped into a lunch box, a briefcase, a purse, a glove box or anywhere that you reach for a piece of fruit. Soon to be available at major supermarkets, convenience stores and nation-wide retailers, Fruity Wipes can be purchased directly from our web site.